Cinnamon Roll Failure

Story behind yesterday’s One Word Wednesday.  I told you on Tuesday I wasn’t perfect and today you’ll see another botched job in the kitchen.

Over the holiday break, I attempted to make for the first time The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Roll Recipe I shared with you in December.  Wellllll, they didn’t turn out quite like I imagined in my head.  In fact, when my kids tasted them they said – “One Word Wednesday – FAILURE!!!”  I had to agree.

Now the recipe is not hard to follow and I was smart enough to cut her recipe in half.  It makes A LOT!  And when you have a recipe you’ve never tried before it’s always best to do the smallest amount you can until you know FOR SURE you can do it. 

Two things I learned while making this recipe.  One has to do with looks, the other with taste. 

Looks – Her recipe calls for a floured surface to roll your dough out on.  I agree only I think it should really read – a VERY WELL floured surface.  I floured my surface lightly and the dough stuck with the first batch I rolled out.  They were a mess.  Not pretty but they would have tasted the same.  I didn’t have a clean hand to take photos and I’m so glad.  On a VERY WELL floured surface, they rolled up just fine.

Taste – Here is the failure part.  My rolls didn’t rise – AT ALL.  I’m thinking it’s because our house is too cold.  We keep it at a balmy 66 degrees most days until one of the kids complain it’s too cold and loses a limb from frostbite and then we pump it up a whole degree or two.  So my non risen rolls tasted like (for a lack of a better word) crap.  Or as the kids put it – a thick pancake that didn’t get done in the middle.  YUCK!  So unless you like thick undone pancakes, I suggest you make sure your home or the area you are baking in is at least 70+ degrees. 

Dear Pioneer Woman,

I tried my best to be you.  I watched you make these delicious looking Cinnamon Rolls on your Christmas Special but I failed.  But that’s OK because I will try this recipe again in a warmer house so that my family can enjoy the fruits of my labor and not just the neighborhood dogs.  They ate them.  They eat everything!  And when I attempt them again, I know the second time will be a charm.  And if it still doesn’t work out, this time I have a back up plan.  🙂

Sincerely – a BIG Fan,





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12 responses to “Cinnamon Roll Failure”

  1. Sue W. Avatar
    Sue W.

    It warms my heart (but not my house) that sometimes even you resort to Poppin’ Fresh. ;p
    Meanwhile, this statement is very wise and applies to a whole lot more than cooking – it is a LIFE statement. It should be applied no matter what you are doing.

    “It’s always best to do the smallest amount you can until you know FOR SURE you can do it”

    I want to be there when it warms up and those rolls come out of the oven. Just sayin’.

    1. Kendra Avatar

      You are so right Sue – a LIFE statement! And I resort to easy stuff ALL OF THE TIME!

  2. Joan Avatar

    Don’t give up and try it again. Sometimes making mistakes in the kitchen is the best way to learn!

    1. Kendra Avatar

      I learn by my mistakes ALL OF THE TIME!!! I’ll try it again and share my results – only if it turns out the next time. 🙂

  3. Diane K. Avatar
    Diane K.

    Kendra, we keep our house at 68 and when I make bread and it’s rising the first time I put it in a bowl with a lid and put it by the furnace vent. After I have the loaves formed I put it on the stove with a towel over it to keep it warmer. Maybe your problem with rising started when you had to work it off your counter – too much stress for it. I’m baking bread today and have it rising now. When I first started baking bread – almost 40 years ago now – I remember many loaves being either very small or very big. I only made 2 loaves at a time then where now I make 4. I enjoy your humor as well as your recipes – keep up the good work. Auntie Diane

    1. Kendra Avatar

      Thanks for the info. I’ll be trying it again some (warmer) day.

  4. Jody Rodine Avatar
    Jody Rodine

    I like your back up plan…..the Pilsbury cinnamon bites never fail! 🙂

    1. Kendra Avatar

      No they don’t!

  5. emily Avatar

    A trick for cold homes and rising baked goods- if you don’t have a furnace or a warm spot on the stove, here’s a great trick- while you’re mixing up the dough, heat the oven to the lowest setting- usually it’s like 175. Then turn it off, put in the dough, and let rise. It’s perfect!

    1. Kendra Avatar

      Excellent suggestion!

  6. Jane Avatar

    My opinion? Don’t bother trying them again. My family found they taste like butter, rolled in butter, soaked in butter, and frosted in butter. I mean, if you adore butter flavor, go for it. If however you like your cinnamon rolls to taste like cinnamon and vanilla frosting, try another recipe.

    1. Kendra Avatar

      Thanks for your input Jane. I haven’t tried them again yet but I see lots of different recipes out there for them.