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  • Candy Corn Fudge

    Candy Corn Fudge

    When I think of fudge, I think of Christmas.  Then Pinterest changed my mind.  I typed in “candy corn” and up came images of candy corn fudge. Who would have thunk? Not me. That’s because I don’t think far enough outside of the box.  I peek outside every now and then, but thinking totally outside […]

  • Super Easy Low Fat Fudge

    Super Easy Low Fat Fudge

    So does anyone else feel a little like Santa right now?  A raise of hands please.  Just imagine how we’ll feel after Christmas if we keep eating this way.  I know, it’s hard.  You have family gatherings and parties to attend.  And you certainly can’t go to these festivities and not eat.  I mean, that’s […]