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  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

    If you combine two of my favorite desserts – a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie – what do you get?  A Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie! I know I’ve been a little dessert heavy here on the blog and I promise to throw in some other stuff within the next month or two but these […]

  • Twinkie Strawberry Delight

    Twinkie Strawberry Delight

      My daughter got her wisdom teeth taken out today.  We got off to a rough start with her not feeling well when the anesthetic wore off but as the day has progressed, it’s gotten better.  One lesson we are learning is that her cheeks really hurt.  And when your cheeks hurt, you shouldn’t smile […]

  • 5 Minute Butterfinger Cheesecake

    5 Minute Butterfinger Cheesecake

    I know my postings have been very sporadic in the past few months (or more).  Our family schedule has just gotten busier than I ever expected it to be, but in a good way.  What it doesn’t leave me though is a lot of time to make things from scratch anymore like I used to.  […]

  • A Super Bowl Menu Sure to Please Any Appetite

    A Super Bowl Menu Sure to Please Any Appetite

    So I’ve heard there’s a big game going on this Sunday?  Since the Packers didn’t make it this year, I don’t have as much interest, but I do love the idea of two brothers going head-to-head in the biggest game of their lives. And since I had the 49ers defense as my Fantasy Football defense […]

  • Monster Bars to start out a Stress Free 2013

    Monster Bars to start out a Stress Free 2013

      Hey y’all! It’s 2013 and I’m back!  I took a little vaca from the blog over the holiday and I’m rested and back to share some more yummy recipes with you in 2013. As I was reading a bunch of other blogs these past couple of weeks, they all were sharing what they want […]