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A Simple Bruschetta Appetizer

bruschetta, tomatoes, homemade, appetizer

I don’t think there’s a better way to enjoy fresh tomatoes from the garden than made into bruschetta.  The warm toasted bread, with fresh, flavorful tomatoes, a few extras added in for a little zing, and you have yourself a nice appetizer.

I’ve had bruschetta several different ways in restaurants and I’d have to say my favorite is still pretty much the simple style I like to make at home.

School Bus Cupcakes for the Bus Drivers

Fleet of school buses

School starts in less than 2 weeks.  YIPEE!

It’s been a fun summer but we are ready for a regular routine.  Or should I say, I’m ready for a regular routine.

Soon, a fleet of school buses will be picking up kids, taking them to school and bringing them home.

It’s Salsa Time!


Salsa wide shot

Some of my tomatoes will be ready this week to get our first batch of salsa made.  The food processor is ready, the knives are sharpened, and the jars are ready for sterilization.

This salsa recipe has been one of my most popular in the past year and a favorite gift to give to our friends and/or relatives – so if you missed it last year or forgot all about it – read the post again and enjoy.

Homemade Salsa Recipe

Salsa Square 3

What do you like to put your salsa on?  Chips, scrambled eggs, taco salad?  I’m curious!

Guest Post – Baking with All Natural Ingredients

My friend Candice is a talented cake decorator living in Green Bay, WI.  Awhile back she wrote up this guest post for me outlining her first experience baking with all natural ingredients.  If you’ve been wondering how all natural compares to your typical conventional ingredients – read on.  I found it very interesting!  She even included the recipes she used.  Thanks Candice!

To see what Candice can create for you – head to her website, All Occasions Green Bay for more information or follow her on Facebook and you’ll get to see all of the sweets she creates for her clients.

Cake Complete

By Candice Kunesh

The other day a good friend of mine asked me if I could make a Baby Shower cake with matching cupcakes using as many all-natural and organic ingredients as possible.  At first I thought, “No problem!  How different could it be from using typical ingredients?”  Then I started over-thinking things and started getting scared.  My recipes using typical ingredients are tried and true, but I had no clue how using different ingredients would make things turn out.  What if the texture didn’t come out right?  What if it didn’t taste right?  What if I couldn’t get my frosting techniques to work well?  Would my reputation as the go-to cake maker be ruined?!?

Twinkie Strawberry Delight

 Twinkie Strawberry Delight

My daughter got her wisdom teeth taken out today.  We got off to a rough start with her not feeling well when the anesthetic wore off but as the day has progressed, it’s gotten better.  One lesson we are learning is that her cheeks really hurt.  And when your cheeks hurt, you shouldn’t smile or laugh or they will hurt worse.