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Sausage Pinwheels for a Fanfare Breakfast

Sausage Pinwheels with Stop Lookin' Get Cookin'

You know what my mother-in-law’s most requested food is from my kids? These sausage pinwheels.

For the longest time when my kids would request I make them, I just told them they’d have to wait until we go to Grandma’s to have them and that was OK for a while.  But as the kids have gotten older and busier and we don’t go to Grandma and Grandpa’s nearly as much, how could I deprive them of such happiness.  So I broke down and started making them myself.

Now, anytime they ask “What’s for breakfast?” on Sunday morning and I say, “Sausage Pinwheels,” they act like they just hit the jackpot.  There are smiles and high fives and “Mom, you’re the greatest” and a band plays all through the house.  Well, that may be stretching it but it certainly turns a frown upside down and there are smiles galore.  No one is late to the table for this meal.

Twice Baked Potatoes for a Traditional Holiday Meal

Twice Bake Potato, Stop Lookin Get Cookin, Traditional Meal, holiday

Beware – I’m going to talk just briefly about Christmas already.

I know, it’s still 49 days away but I just couldn’t wait to share this holiday tradition recipe with you.  I just couldn’t.

For our Christmas Eve meal, we ALWAYS have crab legs and twice baked potatoes – therefore, it is now a tradition. Kind of like my kids ALWAYS complain about having to fold the white load of laundry (you know, socks, underwear, t-shirts), it’s now a tradition. If they don’t complain, it’s just not the same.

Applewood Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Paired with Mirassou Wine


Mac and Cheese watermark

Two weeks ago when I went to Minneapolis for the Bloggy Boot Camp, Mirassou Winery invited a few bloggers to Urban Eatery for an intimate evening of wine tasting and food pairing.

When I received the invitation in my inbox I was so stinkin’ excited. I was the only one in the house and I was yelling – Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I enjoy a glass of wine or two or three but I normally drink what I like best which is the sweeter white wines so I was anxious to be able to taste some new wines and see how they are paired with different foods.

Dracula’s Dentures with WKBT News 8 This Morning Crew

Halloween, cookies, treats, Stop Lookin Get Cookin

This morning I had the pleasure – and I mean pleasure – of showing Jen and Bill of WKBT News 8 This Morning out of La Crosse, WI, how to make the fun Dracula Dentures.  Watch the short video on how to make them and see what fun you actually can have in the morning when you get up before the sun even thinks about rising in the sky.

Dracula’s Dentures for Halloween

Dracula's Dentures, Stop Lookin Get Cookin, Halloween, Cookies

The creepy and scary, the cute and the dainty, the critters and superheroes will be out begging for candy in only a week.

Some of you may have Halloween parties to attend and if you do, make these simple, scary, Dracula Dentures.  I first saw these in the Fall edition of Yum Food and Fun for Kids where I have a recipe for leftover candy bark, but it actually came from Nestle Toll House.  Very clever and super easy but be careful, otherwise it’ll look like Dracula has red lipstick on his teeth. And no Dracula can be taken seriously if he has lipstick on his teeth.