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I’m not very crafty.  I wish I was and I have lots of the tools to be crafty.  I have stamps and colored paper and fancy designed scissors and a hot glue gun.  Every girl (crafty or not) should have a hot glue gun.  A hot glue gun to a girl is like a table saw to a guy (only in a much different price range).  You don’t use it very often but when you need one, it’s the best thing in the world.

One Word Wednesday

Pumpkin Cupcakes

I’m feeling a little inferior today.  One of my biggest fears about starting this blog was taking food photos.  People have to eat with their eyes on a food blog since you can’t smell it cooking or lick the bowl.  The photos have to make you imagine that you are there in the room with the food and you so want to devour it. 

Breakfast Bowls

It’s Monday and it’s a holiday week.  Do you have company coming for Thanksgiving?  Do you have ALL of the meals planned yet?  Well, if you don’t, you’re in luck because I have the perfect breakfast that should satisfy almost everyone and can easily feed a crowd.  My daughter had these at a Relay for Life Breakfast and couldn’t wait for me to make them for her.

You start by frying up some pork sausage or bacon or ham or all 3.  That’ll get the late sleepers out of bed.  Can’t you just smell the bacon now? 

Black Friday Survival Guide

So, are you one of those people that braves the elements for 3 hours to get a real good deal on a TV or computer on Black Friday? Do you get a rush out of going store-to-store to find Suzie the doll she wants and Bobby that video game at half price?  Whether you are a seasoned Black Friday Shopper or a Rookie, here are a few tips to help you survive your shopping experience.  As an FYI – I’m not one of those people but at times, I secretly wish I was.

This list was compiled by seasoned Black Friday Shoppers who also happen to be some of my facebook friends.

Patience and Sense of Humor – if you can’t take both of these with you, you may as well stay home.

Partner in Crime – It’s always more fun to go with someone and share the excitement of that bargain you just got. Plus it’s nice to have someone stand in line while you shop. 

Prep/Research – You need a Game Plan – Research the stores you will be visiting.  Some stores upload maps of their store online and show where all of their Black Friday Specials will be located.  This way you know what time each store opens and exactly where you need to go once inside the store for the big ticket items you are shopping for.

List – Make a list of EVERYTHING you want to get and organize it by store.  Make sure you have the sales circular and any coupons needed for the purchase.   If you want to stay real organized, get an accordion folder that has many slots.  Give each store a slot and put their important information inside.  This way you only have to carry one thing around.  Plus some stores will do price matching and this way you have that information with you.

Supplies – Sticky Notes, Working Pen, Paper – You can easily write down what you still need to get and give someone else a “short” list to go look for while the other stands in line. 

Charged Cell Phone with everyone in your group numbers programmed in it.

Outdoor Waiting – Chairs, Blankets, Hand Warmers to keep you more comfortable.

Clothing – Rain/snow gear if the forecast is calling for it.  Dress in layers so you can easily take off a jacket or sweatshirt.  Comfortable Shoes!

Beverages – You need to be alert and hydrated.  Water, coffee, hot chocolate or soda.

Food – Snacks to keep your energy level up.  Choose nuts, peanut butter or energy bars but if you need a quick fix, chocolate will always work too!

Money – Cash – just in case the machines are running slow or go down.  Credit and/or debit card but make sure you know your limits.

Waiting for you at home – Cold beer and the pizza delivery number or better yet, a foot massager.  Hmmm – better add that to the shopping list. 

Black Friday is only one week away!  What’s on your shopping list?