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Bundled Up Nutterbutter Penguins How to Video

Bundled Up Nutterbutter Penguins

We had lots of laughs again this morning on WKBT News 8 This Morning.  Jen and Bill create their own Bundled Up Penguins.  Take a look.

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Bundled Up Nutterbutter Penguins

Bundled Up Nutterbutter Penguins w/Stop Lookin Get Cookin

Are you thawed out from last week’s deep, deep, freeze? We are and I have to say that I’m liking the forecast for this week much more. Temps in the 20’s is just fine with me. 

Even though penguins are supposed to be able to withstand cold weather, I think they would have needed to bundle up last week too. I saw these penguins over at Hungry Happenings and just fell in love with them but knew they needed to be dressed a little bit warmer for this Wisconsin winter we’ve been experiencing. So I put some ear muffs and scarves on them. Now they are ready to go outside to play in the snow. Of course there is always one in the group that says they can handle the cold without the warm clothing.  No different in this group.

Yes, these guys are cute but I’ll be honest, they take A LOT of prep work. I like fast and easy things and this isn’t difficult, just time consuming. So be prepared to spend some time getting the body parts cut up before you start dipping the cookies.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and a Blog Makeover

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread w/Stop Lookin' Get Cookin'

Welcome to the new look of Stop Lookin’ Get Cookin’!

Sit down, have some coffee (or a glass of wine or a beer or whatever tickles your fancy) and a slice of banana bread while you sift through the archives of my recipes in a new and much easier way to find them.

I felt it was time for a bloggy makeover.  You know, every now and then a girl needs to change up the hairstyle, glasses, makeup, and wardrobe.  And that’s what this girl got – a new look.

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Grandma’s Homemade Play Dough Recipe

Homemade Play Dough

What’s a mom, or dad, or grandparent, or caretaker to do when it’s too darn cold to let the kiddos outside to play?  Make play dough!  That’s what.

It’s almost day 3 of subzero temps here in southwest Wisconsin and we’re starting to get a little squirrely and it’ll be day 2 of no school tomorrow because of the cold.

For the most part, my older two leave me alone to do my work. But our youngest still wants some attention or something to do and cleaning her room wasn’t quite what she had in mind.

So we made play dough.  Fun, vibrant colors that just warm my heart hoping it will warm up the outside as well.

Top 10 Most Visited Posts for 2013

Top 10

Anyone interested in seeing what my Top 10 most visited posts were for 2013?

No – well tough, here they are anyway.  🙂

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