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Some Friday Fun – A Marshmallow Family

Yipee, yippee!  We got snow!  We got snow!  It’s not the fun kind of snow you can play in and build snow forts or snowmen with but – its snow! 

So instead, we’ll stay inside and build our own snow family.  Easy enough for anyone of any age and anywhere to make.

Items Needed

  • Marshmallows – large and small
  • Toothpicks – to attach the marshmallows together
  • Cookie Treat Sticks – take a paper towel and dab a little bit of shortening on it and run it up and down the stick.  It helps the marshmallows slide on better.
  • Edible Markers – to draw faces and accents
  • Accessories for the scarf and hats – I used a miniature peanut butter cup for dad’s hat.  I used a black candy melt for the boy’s hat and put a small snowflake accent on top for the tassel.  For mom, I didn’t have an fruit roll ups or licorice in the house so I gave her a regular ribbon scarf. 
  • Styrofoam block to hold the completed marshmallows in. 



Optional – if you don’t want to put them on sticks, just use toothpicks to hold the body together. 

What kind of fun things would you decorate your snow family with?  Happy Friday!

Jazzed Up Hot Chocolate

A plain ole cup of hot chocolate can hit the spot. It works.  It’s functional.  It serves the purpose.   But, what if, that plain ole cup of hot chocolate had a makeover?

We’ve all seen those makeover shows with the before and after photos.  The before shots were taken in horrible lighting with the oldest, worst pair of mom jeans on they could find.  There is no makeup and you really wonder if they even had a chance to comb their hair that day.  Those poor ladies, I’ve seen better mug shots before.

Wordless Wednesday – January 11, 2012

January 2012 TV Segment – Brownie Ball Snowmen

Kendra showed Jennifer and Bill from WKBT News 8 This Morning how to make Brownie Ball Snowmen.  For the complete recipe click here.

Magical Disappearing Brownie Ball Snowmen


Remember those brownies I botched last week.  My friend Mikki gave me the idea to make brownie balls and dip them into chocolate.  This reminded me of an idea I saw online where you take brownie balls and make them into snow boys and snow girls!  So that is what I did.  I made magical snow people.  They are magical because they won’t melt BUT they will disappear. 

You could easily make this treat with cake balls if you like.  I do have to say that using the fudgy brownie mix was much easier though.  With the cake balls you have to make sure you get just the right amount of frosting and keep them cold.  With the brownies they are just the perfect consistency and they can be dipped either cold or room temperature but they do dip easier when they are on the cooler rather than the warmer side.