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Friday Find – Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest yet?  If not, don’t be afraid.  It’s something that’s just starting to get popular and so now you too will be in the know.  I’d hate for any of my readers to be behind the curve ball.  Often times, that’s where I am but not this time.  This time around, I’m actually ahead in this ball game. 

Pinterest is an online bulletin board. It lets you organize and share all of the cool stuff you find on the web.  You can create a bulletin board for anything that interests you and you can have as many as you like.  If you want one for home decorating ideas, have one.  If you want one for good recipes you’ve found, have one.  If you want one for hunting equipment you NEED to have, have one.  And, not only can you have your own bulletin boards but you can look at everyone else’s too so you can see what others are interested in.  To see all of my boards, click here.

A Caramel Lesson – How to Melt and What to Add

Caramel Filled Chocolate up close 

Caramel – I LOVE it!  I use it in a lot of my desserts.  It’s one of those sweets that can add a little pizzazz when needed.  I’ve been getting questions about melting caramel and what substitutes you can use in place of the heavy whipping cream.  So I thought I’d answer the most asked questions today for you. 

First there are a few forms that caramel will come in.  The most common is the individual blocks wrapped in cellophane.  Whereas these are the most economical ($1.98 for 14 ounces) they are also the most time consuming to use.  It takes time to unwrap each block and then of course, you can’t help but eat a few of them as you unwrap them – that’s just a given in my kitchen and should be in yours too.   Since they are larger blocks of caramel, they also take a little longer to melt.  So if you are more cost conscious than time conscious, these are the ideal caramels for you.  You can find these in the candy aisle.

Wordless Wednesday – January 25, 2012

Candy Pizza and a Snow Day


We had a snow day.  Our first this school year.  Funny how as the kids get older their reactions to snow days are different.  The high schooler is disappointed with it.  She wanted to go to school so that she could get her semester exams over with and not wait another day. 


The middle schooler could care less.  He was on the Wii playing Call of Duty most of the day.  If he had school, he would have been fine with it.  A day off, fine with it. 

Nostalgic Garlic and Herb Butter

Do you ever hear something; see something; smell something; read something that takes you back in time?  Oh how this recipe takes me back about 20 years.  It brings back memories of when my hubby and I were just newlyweds living in Germany. (Gosh that makes me sound/feel really old.)   We lived there for 3 years and had some of the best food, beer and wine we’ve ever experienced. 

I was going through one of my German cookbooks last week.  It’s German food but thankfully the cookbook is written in English.  Had it been written in German, I’m not sure what I would be sharing with you today since “mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut“.   Man how I wish Google Translator was available back then.