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Easy Valentine’s Day Cookies

Weekend Update

Basketball, basketball, church, cooking, dishes, laundry, nap, cooking, dishes, laundry and football.  Does your weekend look similar to mine?  I wouldn’t change it for anything though.  After all, I did get in a nap!

We’re leading up to Valentine’s Day so it’s going to be Sweet Week here.  I’m starting out with an easy one for you – seriously easy.  I saw a version of this over at The Adventures of Sugarbelle a few weeks ago and wanted to share the idea with all of you. 

Game Day Tortilla Wraps with a Kick!


Super Bowl Sunday…

It’s almost here.  Do you have big plans?  Who are you betting on?  Patriots or Giants? 

We don’t have plans and I’m OK with that.  I can watch the game in my pajamas and glasses and my husband can yell at the players all he wants without disturbing the crowd.  And yes, he does realize that the players can’t hear him through the TV – at least I think he realizes that.

***Side note here ** *

My husband missed his calling in life.  He truly should have been a sports announcer.  The reason I say this is because he is usually one step ahead of the TV announcers.  As soon as he explains something to me or answers a question, Joe and Troy are saying EXACTLY what he just said.  It’s kind of freaky at times.  It’s almost like they have a hidden microphone in our house listening to our conversations and then as soon as my hubby answers my question, they know they need to say EXACTLY what he just said.  It’s weird!

Wordless Wednesday – February 1, 2012

Reese’s Dessert Bar Mix Review


Sometimes you just want easy.  I’m a big believer in box mixes.  Homemade stuff tastes really good, but some days you just want the ease of a box mix.  There’s no shame in it.  If there was, many companies would be out of business. 

So to help keep these companies in business, every now and then I’ll buy a box dessert mix, test it out, and let you know how they rate.  First up is the Reese’s Dessert Bar Mix.  My girls LOVE chocolate and peanut butter so I was hopeful that this would be worth the $4.25 I spent on the mix.

This particular mix is a no bake recipe that comes with the pan in the box already.  The only other ingredients you need are some softened butter and water.  The directions are simple to follow and since it only requires a microwave, I feel it’s something even an 8 – 10 year old could make on their own or with little supervision.

Chicken Noodle Soup Makes Everything Feel Better


My family doesn’t feel well today.  Can I get an “awww”?  Actually, save that awww for another time.  You don’t have to feel sorry for us because it’s just sore muscles.   Sore muscles from spending  Saturday skiing at Granite Peak in Wausau, WI.  It was a good day!

Our 7 year old has never experienced sore muscles like this before.  It was her first time on skis and she did great.  She spent part of the day in ski school learning the basics and then we spent about an hour with her on the easier slopes.  I can tell she’ll be passing me up in a few years already.


We don’t get to ski very often but when we do go as a family we have an order that we take down the slopes.  My husband leads the way and then the kids follow.  I’m almost always last down the hill.  I say it’s just in case one of the kids wipe out, but in reality, it’s because they like to go faster than me.