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Date Night at Piggy’s

Things I love –

  • My kids’ smiles.
  • A clean house.
  • Hugs from my hubby.
  • A sunny, 85 degree summer day with NO humidity.
  • A good deal on anything.
  • Good food I didn’t have to make.
  • Date night.

The hubby and I spent a night out on the town (if you can call being home by 9:30 pm a night out) in La Crosse, Wisconsin for a rare date night.

Part 1

We headed first to a place every girl dreams of having her date take her – the Boat, Hunting and Camping Show.  Now a girl shouldn’t complain when her date is paying so I won’t because I actually enjoyed the show.  We dreamed of the boat someday we may have.  We walked through about 50 campers that are much nicer than my college apartment was and I didn’t have to listen to any hunting spiels. Good start to the night.

Part 2

Logo taken from Piggy's website.

After two hours of wandering around the La Crosse Center we headed to Piggy’s in La Crosse for dinner.  Piggy’s is one of my favorite restaurants.  Their food has never disappointed me and their service is always top notch whether it’s just a table for two or a group of ten.  They rock!

Now I’m not sharing this information with you to make you jealous of the fine dinner we enjoyed, I’m sharing this information with you so you too can enjoy this little piece of heaven. 

We started out with an appetizer.  This Smoked Beef Tenderloin crostini (fancy word for small piece of bread) served with cheese, chopped tomatoes, basil and garlic.  It was served cold which really brought out all of the flavors.  It was divine.


Heart Sandwich Cookies


Why is it that every stinkin’ time I go to the grocery store I get a cart with a bum wheel?  Why is that?

Oh, it’s because almost every cart in the store has a bum wheel.  So it’s not just me?  Thank goodness.

I have a theory about this and my theories are always unproven and sometimes just wild thoughts but after you hear this one, you might just agree with me.

You know how hard it is to push an empty cart with a bum wheel around the store.  Now put a whole bunch of food and drinks and a kid or two in that bum wheeled cart and you just got yourself a workout.

Maybe it’s the grocery industry’s way of helping us get in more exercise.   Do you think it’s possible?

Wordless Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 2012 TV Segment – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles


What is the best part of making chocolate chip cookies? 

The cookie dough of course!

I remember when my mom used to make cookies as we were growing up and each of us kids would get something to lick.  Two got the beaters, one the bowl and one the spoon.  If you were lucky, you actually got a chocolate chip in the dough you were savoring.  Hmmm – chocolate chip cookie dough.