Stop Lookin'. Get Cookin'.

Serving up simple food, inspiring ideas and connecting along the way.


Hi, I’m Kendra Arch and welcome to my online home.  As a mom of 3 growing kids (all with different food favorites) and a wife to a meat and potatoes guy, I get tired of making the same recipes over and over that everyone will eat.  If I ask them what they want for dinner, their answer is always “Good Food”.  So, instead of just looking at that cupboard full of untried recipes, I’m pulling out my cookbooks, dusting off my recipe cards and sharing the best of the “Good Food” with you.

For the most part I’m a simple cook.  I’m fine with using box mixes, jars of sauces and even prepared meats if I’m in a bind.  It all doesn’t have to be homemade.  I love Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade ideas.  I cook and bake in a similar way.  Our lives are different today than they were even 25 years ago with the way we spend our time in the kitchen.  Most of my recipes are simple ones that may include boxed or prepared foods from the store.  There will be times though that I will challenge you to go outside of our comfort zone and try something new or a little bit more difficult.  I hope I can inspire you to do that.

I’ve always felt that food is a connection between people whether it’s just your immediate family, your close friends or even people you don’t know.  Almost any gathering is focused around the food.  We spend hours planning and preparing that food so that it will be memorable for those who eat it.  Food simply connects us.

Thanks for stopin’ by.  Now stop lookin’ and get cookin’.

Kendra Arch