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Butterfly Cupcakes

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Cute, sweet butterflies are on the docket today.

I saw this idea over on and they were too cute to pass up.

All you need are a few items from the store and you and the kids can easily make these.  Don’t worry if it gets messy, everything is washable.  This type of project is all about spending time with your kids in the kitchen and then eating your creations!




Butterfly Cupcakes


Froot Loops
Candy eyes
Gum drops
String licorice
Large marshmallows


1. Frost your cupcakes with the desired color of frosting.
2. Stand 5 - 6 Froot Loops in a row down center of cupcake for the body.
3. Put the candy eyes onto the gum drop with a dab of icing. I just used a toothpick to put it on and press the eyes into place.
4. Poke 2 small holes with a toothpick or cake tester into your cupcake where you want the antennaes to go. Cut your string licorice into 1 – 1 ½ inch pieces. Push the licorice into the holes.
5. Cut large marshmallows with a scissors into 4 circles. Place the sticky side down into some colored sanding sugar. Place wings onto the cupcake to complete your butterfly.

I saw this idea first at

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