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Quick Bunny in a Jar for Easter

Bunny in jar square

Need a very quick gift to give to someone at Easter?  Grandkids, neighbor, hostess?

Make a Bunny in a Jar.  How cute is he?

I saw this idea over at Not So Idle Hands last week and knew I wanted to try him.  He’s super easy.

You need a pint jar with metal ring, decorative cupcake liners, M&Ms, edible grass or Easter grass if you can’t find the edible stuff, malted milk eggs or jelly beans, and a little bunny.


First put some M&Ms in the bottom of the jar, then edible grass, then the bunny and malted eggs.

I’m not good at making bows out of ribbon so I tried the cupcake liner for part of the lid and it works perfectly!  Plus, they come in so many darn cute colors and patterns. 

 Place the cupcake liner on the top of the jar and fit it over the rim.  Screw on the metal ring and you have your quick and easy Easter jar ready to go. 

Bunny in jar white


Happy Easter!!!

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