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Gourmet Pretzel Rods – Pretzel +Caramel + Chocolate = Heaven

Pretzels side

I have been holding out on you and I’m sorry. 

This recipe should have been one of the very first I ever shared.  It was my very most favorite class to teach when I taught classes years ago with Cake ‘n Crumbs because it was easy, everyone loved them, and I had great sales to go along with it. 

But, now that I’m not teaching classes anymore, I don’t make them nearly enough.  Once you have one, you will want more.  There have been many years at Christmas that this is what we make for teachers gifts and they never once complained.  Who would?  You take a pretzel, cover it in caramel, then chocolate, and then sprinkle on some crushed up candy bars.  Oh my!

Now last week I did teach my daughter’s Foods and Nutrition class at school how to make these and I’ll blog all about that experience hopefully next week – it was such a positive one.

So let’s get started!

First, melt your caramel.  For full instructions on how to melt your caramel and what to put in it, see my post here.  It’s one of the most visited posts on my site. Once the caramel is melted, lightly spoon it on over the top of the pretzel and place on a non-stick mat or parchment paper.  DO NOT use wax paper for this step.  The caramel may be too hot and melt into the wax paper and then you have a mess.

Caramel Dipping Pretzel

Once you’ve done about 25 – 30 pretzels, the first ones should be set up enough to start the chocolate dipping process. 

Pretzels setting

To lift pretzel off the mat, use an offset spatula to help loosen up the caramel and pretzel.  If you pull the end of the pretzel rod straight up, you have a very good chance of breaking your pretzel in half.

Lifing up


Melt your candy coating and spoon it on top of the caramel covered pretzel. 

Chocolate dipping

Put back onto your non-stick mat, sprinkle on some crushed up candy bars, cookies, nuts, or accents while the chocolate is still wet.  Let set for 10 – 15 minutes and they are ready to eat!


See, I told you it was easy but a little more time consuming than some desserts.  You won’t be disappointed if you try these – I promise!

Pretzels tall

Gourmet Pretzel Rods

This recipe should make up to 30 pretzel rods but it will depend on the amount of caramel and chocolate you apply to them. Many times the pretzel rods will be broken in the bag. Go ahead and use them. Dip the broken end into the caramel so you have a smooth end to hold onto. Many people prefer a smaller portion and half a pretzel rod is the perfect amount to just get a taste.

Yield: 25 - 30 pretzel rods

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes


25 - 30 pretzel rods
11 ounce bag of Kraft Caramel Bits
3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream
1 pound of milk chocolate candy coating
Variety of crushed up candy bars, toffee bits, nuts, cookies, or accents


1. Melt caramel and heavy whipping cream, stir until smooth.
2. Gently spoon caramel over each pretzel rod. Let set on non-stick mat.
3. Once caramel has set, spoon melted candy coating over entire pretzel.
4. Top with accents immediately.
5. Let set for 10 – 15 minutes.
6. Store in an airtight container for up to 1 week.

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