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A Breckenridge Vacation


Have you been wondering where I’ve been for the past 2 weeks?  Well, part of that time my family and I spent in Breckenridge, CO on a dream vacation.  Well, not really a dream vacation because if it were a dream – I would have stayed right on the mountain and had our own private hot tub.  But, this vacation was certainly a middle income dream which was just fine with us.

We decided last fall to splurge and take a family ski vacation to a place we hadn’t been since 1996 (I was pregnant with our oldest the last time we were there).  Breckenridge was still as charming as I remembered it to be.  They have a cute main street full of lights (which I forgot to take photos of), with lots of quaint shops (like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory),

Butterfinger Apple

cool sculptures (like this dog high fiving Alyssa),

Dog and Alyssa

 and plenty of activity.

While we were there, they had an International Snow Sculpting contest going on.  It made the trip that much more enjoyable.  We got there the first day it started and were able to see the finished products the last night we were in town.

They start out with a huge chuck of snow and sculpt it into beautiful masterpieces but the sun can create havoc on a plan so protecting it with shade was very important.

Snow SculptingSnow Sculpting 2 

Here are a few completed from Saturday night.

snow family sea animals 

hollow egg 8 seconds 

German entry bear and man

And the winner was the one we thought would win –  it was so detailed and beautiful.


But the true highlight of our trip was the mountain.  Colorado could use more snow but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.  The staff on the mountain (and businesses in town) are just the best!  So friendly and helpful.  I can’t say enough good about them.

This is the only vacation I’ve been on that I’ve lost weight.  I guess if you exercise for 5 + hours a day and the altitude zaps your appetite, you’re bound to lose something.  Now if only I could afford 5 more weeks of vacationing in Breck, I’d be down to my ideal weight.  Sounds like a great diet plan to me.

While the two older kids, my hubby and I skied the mountain, our youngest spent time in Ski School.  She’s the pink powder puff in the middle.  She LOVED it!

Pink Powder Puff

And at the end of our time there, we took her to the top of the mountain and she had no problems making it down.  It was go, go, go for her.  We think the boy in the plaid coat is our son, but you can’t really tell from this photo.

Family on mountain

I love this next photo – the clouds are below us.  That’s how stinkin’ high we were.  No wonder I had a hard time breathing at times.  There was one day where the top of the mountain was sunny.  Part way down the run it was snowing like crazy and at the bottom it was just cloudy.  Gotta love it and dress for it!

Cloud mountains

I’ll leave you with two of my favorite things from the trip.  The first was taken the last night in town at the Snow Sculpting contest.  The lights were shining into the sky and because it was snowing, it made it look like glitter was falling everywhere.  So fun and beautiful.

Glittery snow

And the last is probably the most important lesson if you are going to ski…

Trees don't move

Wish you could have joined us.  Until next time Breckenridge – thanks for the family fun!

Ice sculpture

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2 Responses to “A Breckenridge Vacation”

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    Sarah @ Miss CandiQuik — February 7, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Aww, I’m jealous – I miss my homestate of Colorado. So beautiful!

    • Kendra replied: — February 8th, 2013 @ 8:12 pm

      It is a beautiful state! Thanks for stopping by!