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And the SpiceStack Giveaway Winner is…

Congratulations to Susan, the winner of the Chef’s Edition SpiceStack from YouCopia!  You will LOVE it! 


Thank you everyone who entered.  I just love knowing that my cupboards are not the only ones in desperate need of organizing.  For those of you who need help in the spice area, think about ordering one (or more) of the SpiceStacks.  It really has been helpful and even better than that; I don’t feel scared to open that door anymore and wonder which bottle is going to fall out.

So with one shelf done in my kitchen and many, many more to go, I can’t decide which one to tackle next, the pantry, the bake ware, the baking shelf, the decorating shelf, etc., etc., etc.  Stay tuned, there may just be another organizational giveaway in the future!

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