Popsicle and Flip Flop Cupcakes to Make With Your Kids

Today is about cute cupcake ideas that I found over at Party Pinching.  When I saw these I knew I was going to make them.  They are super easy and your kids (probably 5 and up but you be the judge) can make them with you.

We’ll start with the popsicles.  How cute are these?  Do you remember the popsicles that come two to a bag and they were connected and you had to share with your sister? 


Simply made with Mike and Ikes Candy.  Or should I say just Mike’s or just Ike’s?  Did you know they split up?  Love how on this box Mike has Ike’s name crossed off.  I’ve seen them advertised on TV with Mike crossed off and Ike’s name all kept together. 

No matter what the name – these are what you need to make popsicles.  That and toothpicks.  Flat toothpicks work best for a more authentic look but I couldn’t find any in the store and I had a bunch of regular toothpicks at home.  Break the toothpick in half.  Make sure your broken end is not pointy so the little ones don’t get slivers.  If you need to cut off the end with a scissors – go ahead.  Now just put the pointy end into the candy and you have a popsicle! 

Next we’ll make flip flops out of Pez candy, daisy accents and a little bit of melted chocolate.  Dip a toothpick into some melted chocolate.  Put a little dab on one side of the daisy accent and then lay it onto the Pez.  It’s that easy!


Once your popsicles and flip flops are ready to go, just lay them on top of an iced cupcake – maybe add a drink umbrella and you have two easy cupcake ideas to make with your kids.  Just be careful not to eat the popsicle stick!

The key to having a fun time while decorating with your kids is to just let them do their own thing.  Don’t get caught up on their idea to miss match the flip flops or to put the popsicles on the cupcake in a different way.  This lets them show their creativity and sometimes their ideas are so much better than us adults.  So let them create!


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  1. Beth @ Good to be the Cook Avatar

    These are so stinkin’ adorable. I love them!