Tomatillos and a Garden Update

The last time I showed you a photo of our garden back in March, it looked like this.

Now it looks like this.

The hardest part for me with a garden is the in between stage that we are at right now.  The one where everything is planted but yet nothing is ready.  The only thing to do is to weed (or not) and water if needed.  This stage is long but I love watching the plants grow week after week until they have produce ready to pick and eat.  And considering our garden only has starch, carbs and salsa ingredients – it’ll be awhile before anything will grace our table. 

Something new I planted this year are tomatillos.  I had never heard of them until last Saturday when my friend Amy introduced me to them. Amy, her husband and three kids run a nursery – Hardy Vines – and for the past couple of years I’ve been getting my plants and flowers through them.  Amy hadn’t heard of them before last year when she had many customers ask if they carried the plant.  So this year, they are.  She gave me a 4 pack and I said I’d do my best to #1 – not kill them and #2 – if I was successful with #1, I’d use them in some recipes. 

Some of you are going to call me naïve I’m sure for not knowing about tomtatillos and that’s just fine.  I’m from the Midwest – we don’t have many tomatillos around here.  Every time I hear the word I think of armadillos and we don’t have those around here either.  But when I find myself a little bit naïve I tend to do a little research so the next time around I don’t sound like a hick who only eats meat and potatoes. 

What my little bit of research found and I mean little – little like in Googling “tomatillo” and reading what Wikipedia had on it – was that these little buggers are awesome in Mexican food.  Duh – I knew that.  They have a non edible husk but the fruit inside is tasty – at least that’s what the internet says. It’s most common to make a salsa out of them which means we are in luck because we LOVE salsa.  I can’t wait to share my salsa recipe with you once the tomatoes and peppers and onions are ready.  We are down to our last 10 pints and my daughter is rationing it.  You have to be “salsa worthy” in order to get some at this point.  I think a new salsa recipe is in the works with the tomatillos.  Stay tuned.

So at this point, this is what our plants look like.  We could use some rain, I’m tired of watering already.

What are you growing this year?



2 responses to “Tomatillos and a Garden Update”

  1. trish Avatar

    We in the west use a lot of tomatillos. They are perfect for green enchalada sauce.

    In our garden so far we have cucumber, zuchinni, tomatoes, green, yellow and red bell peppers, watermelon, cantalope, and jalapeno. I want to add more but we need to build a few raised beds first. Good luck with your garden.

    1. Kendra Avatar

      You must have a HUGE garden with all those spreading fruits and vegetables. Green enchalada sauce – hmmm? May have to make some.