Quick Summer Meals Contest Starts Today

We all need quick meals, no matter what time of the year it is.  So to help get us through the summer with a little less stress I’m so darn excited to announce the Quick Summer Meals Contest sponsored in part by Stop Lookin’ Get Cookin’ and Chef’s Planet.

Do you have a favorite go-to meal that can be made in the crock pot or in 30 minutes or less that isn’t a frozen pizza or chicken nuggets?  If yes, I want to hear about it!  You could win an awesome prize from Chef’s Planet.  Each week my posse and I will choose a meal as the “winner” based on taste, time and ease of preparation. 

The selected “winning” recipe will be featured and will receive one of Chef’s Planet’s great products.  At the end of the 10 weeks, the public will have an opportunity to vote on whose recipe they liked the best.  The recipe with the most votes will receive one of EVERYTHING shown below that Chef’s Planet is giving away.  Yipee – that’s over $215 worth of kitchen products.  And believe me, their products are AWESOME!  I have several of the items below. 

But wait – there’s more!

Even if your recipe is not chosen as one of the ten to be featured, everyone who submits a recipe has a random chance to win this awesome Bakeware Set from Chef’s Planet.  Pretty cool huh?

So with almost $500 in products waiting to be given away this summer – let’s stop lookin’ and let’s get cookin’!

Contest Rules

  • Your recipe must be made in a crock pot or made in 30 minutes or less.
  • You can use store bought convenience foods in your recipe but the entire meal must be completed in the 30 minutes or less time frame.
  • Entries are accepted from Thursday, May 31 – Thursday, August 2.
  • Each Thursday a new recipe will be featured.  The contest runs 10 weeks with the first “winning” recipe being featured on Thursday, June 14 and running through Thursday, August 16.
  • Voting for the favorite Reader’s Choice recipe will start on Friday, August 17 and run through Sunday, August 26. 
  • Reader’s Choice winner will be announced the week of August 27.
  • Open to US residents only.

How To Enter

Please fill out the Contact form on my blog with the required information. 

In the subject line please put –

Recipe Contest and your Recipe Name.  For example – Recipe Contest – Grilled Hamburgers.

In the Message area – please include –

  1. Full Recipe – listing name first and ingredients second.
  2. Specific directions.
  3. Servings your recipe yields.
  4. If your recipe qualifies as gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, nut free, etc., please state so.

By submitting your recipe you give me (Stop Lookin’ Get Cookin’) the right to use your name, hometown and full recipe on my blog and in any advertising I see fit to promote this contest.  You also give me the right to change the directions if needed.   Contest winners will be notified at least 3 days in advance of the recipe being posted.

Good luck !