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How to make a Cupcake Cake with Fondant Flowers

Photo by Valley Visions Photography

So you know – Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I’m giving you a 5 day heads up.  Normally, I’m the one the day before either Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or a birthday or any special occasion scrambling around trying to figure out how in the world my card is going to get from point A to point B in one day without having to pay FedEx $100 to get it there. 

Now that you have ample notice, I’m giving you an even better idea than a card.  How about a cupcake cake and some easy fondant flowers?  All of which will not cost you nearly as much as an overnight express card.

Cupcake cakes have become very popular in the online world.  And now that I’ve made one, I know for sure I will be making more.  They are just too easy to make to pass up and something different than a cake or just plain cupcakes.

I made this one for my daughter’s First Communion.  I have to say, it was a hit.

Photo by Valley Visions Photography

You just put as many cupcakes as you can fit onto your platter as tight together as you can get them.  Then you fill up a pastry bag with icing and pipe an outline.  Fill it in with more icing and smooth with an offset spatula.  Really – it’s that easy.  Then you can decorate it any way you want.

I received a 3-piece set of  fondant flower plunger cutters from N.Y. Cake as a sample to try out and see how I like them.  Well they sure beat making a bunch of buttercream flowers – those take forever to make.  Using the plunger cutter is as fast as you can say 1 – 2 – 3.  Well, maybe not that fast but it’s pretty darn quick.

Just roll out your fondant to about 1/8” thick.  I use a little bit of cornstarch on my cutter so that the fondant will release easier.  So dip the cutter in some cornstarch, push the cutter down all the way, push the plunger down so that the imprint will show and release.  As you lift the cutter up, the fondant will either be “stuck” inside the cutter or it will still be on the fondant surface.  If the fondant is “stuck” inside the cutter – gently push the plunger in and the fondant flower will release.  If the fondant is still on the surface, just pull the excess fondant away from the flowers and you are done.

What I like about these flowers is that you can make them in advance and store them in an airtight container and you can pull them out whenever you need them.  Store them in a single layer and then place some wax paper over the flowers and put down another layer.  Repeat until your container is full or you run out of flowers.  Don’t overlap them or the colors will bleed into one another.  I speaking from experience here  people.  Several of mine were multicolored flowers and not in a good way.

So this Mother’s Day, tell mom you love her with a cupcake cake and some fondant flowers.  Cards are way over rated!

Photo by Valley Visions Photography

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