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And the winner is …

Drum roll please!  And the winner is….

Not us.  We didn’t win the MegaMillion Jackpot on Friday.  My 15-year old daughter convinced me we should spend $2 on 2 tickets.  So, we did.  I bought one ticket for all of us; she paid $1 to me to buy the other one.  If we won with either ticket we were splitting the money even though she legally couldn’t claim it.  Oh well, the odds were not in our favor anyway.

If she had won, this is how my daughter said she would spend the money –

  • She’d think long term investment.  Not spending or giving it ALL away right away. Smart girl.
  • She would buy everyone whose car is in the high school parking lot a tank of gas.  Gas prices must be a hot topic in school these days. 
  • She’d buy herself a car but not a fancy one.  She didn’t think it would fit in very well in our small town.  She cannot be her father’s daughter with that comment.
  • She’d put herself through college, give a bunch away and for the kicker – she’d buy my hubby and I our retirement home in Colorado and make sure we have the best care money can buy.  How sweet she is, not taking care of us herself but buying us the help we need. 

If we had won, this is how I would have spent the money –

  • Paid off our house and car and get new kitchen appliances.  The double oven would be so sweet!
  • Bought my husband the car of his dreams and more land so he can build that shed he wants to fill with toys like a tractor, a dirt bike, a new lawnmower, etc.  You get the idea.
  • Built our school the Fieldhouse of everyone’s dreams. 
  • European and Hawaii trips.
  • And this is what I think would be the best part – wouldn’t it be fun to just go around and pay random peoples grocery bills, electric bills, property tax bills, medical bills.  That to me would be the BEST part of winning so much money – giving most of it away.

Even though we are not winners in the lottery, I do have a winner to announce. 

The winner of the Duff Giveaway from last week is….

Sherry – Comment 111

Congratulations Sherry!  I hope you enjoy your Electric Gel Paste Colors, Fondant Smoother and the signed DVD by Duff.

This week is spring break for my kids so more than likely no recipes will show up until next week.  Enjoy the beginning of April and we’ll meet back here next week.

Oh – and if you had won the lottery, what would you have spent your money on?  Just getting ideas for when I DO win it.

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2 Responses to “And the winner is …”

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    Sue W. — April 2, 2012 at 6:56 am

    Yea, we didn’t win ether. But, after reading your blog, I see that all men are the same (“Bought my husband the car of his dreams and more land so he can build that shed he wants to fill with toys like a tractor, a dirt bike, a new lawnmower, etc. You get the idea.”). Yea, mine, too. If I’d won the lottery…nah, I didn’t even *try* to figure it out. But congratulations to Sherry!

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    Heather — April 2, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Congrats to Sherry!