Whipped Chocolate Ganache


There are lots of geniuses in this world.  People that are so super smart and/or invented a very useful/popular product; it just blows my mind at times.  Take for instance, Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.  He’s your typical super smart genius.  He knows absolutely everything about science and Star Trek you would ever care to know.   He lacks many other skills but that is beside the point.  He’s a genius!


Then there is the creator of the onesie extender.  They were only the most valuable baby item I used for my long torso kids when they were little ones.  It extended the life of a onesie by a good 2 months and the length by a good 2 inches. Do you know how much money that saved us?  Genius!


And then comes the geniuses of the food world.  Oh there are so many but the inventor of Cheetos really should have a street named after him.  That orange staining finger food that is oh so bad for you but tastes oh so good and is so addicting.  A bag of those chips don’t stand a chance to survive more than a day in our house.  Genius!

You know what though – I was a genius yesterday!  Yes, I’m tooting my own horn here.  I was a genius because I made this whipped chocolate ganache while the kids were in school.  And do you know why that makes me a genius?  Because I didn’t have to share the bowl, the beater or the spoon with any of them.  I got to lick all 3 myself.  I’m a genius I tell you.  Had they been home, one would have gotten the bowl, another the beater, and the other the spoon.   I would have been left empty handed.  So, I’ve made a note to myself to ALWAYS make the really good stuff when they are not around.  Genuis!

Hmmm – the more I think about it, is that the work of a genius or the work of a selfish chocoholic?

Don’t answer that!

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Whipped Chocolate Ganache

Yield: 24 piped cupcakes

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes


• 2 cups (12 ounces) chocolate chips
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• Optional - 2 – 3 tablespoons of the flavoring of your choice – vanilla, brandy, rum, etc.


1. Heat heavy cream in a heavy pan on medium heat until it comes to a boil.
2. Remove from heat and stir in chocolate chips until the mixture is smooth.
3. Stir in optional flavoring.
4. Let chocolate mixture cool in a refrigerator for 1 hour.
5. When the mixture is at a “spoonable” consistency, place in mixing bowl.
6. Whip mixture with either the whisk or beater attachment of your mixer for 5 minutes on medium speed or until mixture creates stiff peaks.
7. Place whipped ganache into a piping bag outfitted with a 1M, 2D or #12 Tip.
8. Pipe ganache onto cupcakes.

Store at room temperature or in a fridge for up to 2 days.