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Who’s on Your Shopping List?

I like to give gifts.  I don’t do it often enough – mainly during the holidays or birthdays.  So, when I do give a gift, I want it to be something the person will use.  I’m more of a practical gift giver.  You know, giving something the recipient will use but may not think to buy for themselves. 

Because, who would know to put on their Wish List a canister of cupcake wrappers?  Those little buggers, stacked oh so carefully in a glass canister, are better than diamonds to a Cupcake Lover.  At least I keep telling myself that. 

This can be a gift for under $15.  Find your glass canister on sale at a craft store and fill with various sizes and designs of cupcake wrappers that you’ve gotten on clearance throughout the year.  I rummage through the clearance isle of Walmart about 3 days after a holiday looking for cupcake wrappers.  If you didn’t think that far ahead, buy a small canister and fill with 2 – 3 different designs of wrappers and 2 different sizes.  You can split up the packages of wrappers between several canisters or keep the rest for the next Cupcake Maker birthday gift.

Now Cookie Bakers of ALL ages would love this gift.  I put together my favorite cookie decorating items for a special little girl who will remain nameless so as not to spoil her surprise.  I found cookie cutters I knew she would like.  Added in some accents so she has some cool decorations.   Put in a can of color mist because spray painting your cookies is just plain fun.  And last but not least, edible markers are a must.  Those things are so neat!  You can use them not only on cookies but also toast, pancakes and crackers. This gift can be done for $15 – $20 depending on the type of items you include.

So next we come to anyone who spends time in the kitchen.  Now I’m not being sexist here, I’m just going off of what happens in our house.  I do the major portion of the cooking.  My husband does the major portion of the handyman stuff.  So his theory is that he needs good tools to do the job properly.  My theory is the same for the kitchen.  A few good tools will take you a long way.  I put together a few utensils that I use almost on a daily basis or would not want to do without anymore since I’ve had them.  Each of these items range in price from $4 up to $20 a piece. 

A good kitchen shears comes in handy when cutting up meat or herbs.  A medium cookie scoop not only does cookies but makes meatballs and ice cream balls and monster watermelon balls if you so desire.  The offset spatula – oh how I love thee for icing cupcakes and spreading peanut butter and they can get into the corners of a pan like no other knife ever could.  A whisk is a must for gravy even if you make it from a packet.  The turner is dirty in my kitchen all – of – the – time.  It’s my #1 go to for cookies, bars, chicken, French fries, hamburgers, etc.  Now for the heat resistant spatula – I have several and I HIGHLY recommend a heat resistant one.  Hypothetically speaking here – if one would happen to lay it on the back burner that you accidently turned on when you really wanted the front burner on, it would not melt and ruin your stovetop.  Hypothetically that is.

And last but not least – homemade items.  My daughter and I slaved over a hot stove many hours this past summer making our first ever salsa.  We ended up making 7 batches of various sizes but I think we had over 60 pints of different degrees of hotness in all.  So, this holiday season, don’t be surprised my dear family, if you too shall receive some of our homegrown/handmade love. 

What’s on your Wish List?

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5 Responses to “Who’s on Your Shopping List?”

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    Daria — December 1, 2011 at 7:07 am

    Great ideas, Kendra! I especially like the cupcake wrapper jar!

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    Sue W. — December 1, 2011 at 7:28 am

    My wish list is for you to come live with me and bake for me. Bring your gear. Seriously, the forget using the cupcake holders in the jar = they are just super cute decoration! Great post, as usual!

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    Sue W. — December 1, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Wow, must be early. I really messed up that last sentence! Should be: Seriously, forget using the cupcake holders in the jar – they are just super cute decorations!
    Now, where did I put my coffee?

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    Kristina — December 1, 2011 at 8:59 am

    Kendra I love this post!! Haylee LOVES making cupcakes so I’m definatley going to give her that gift of cupcake holders! The spray and markers sound like a fun idea too! Thank you!

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    Amanda — December 1, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Cute! Great ideas!